Free print-n-play card game
Unusual version of card game “Oflameron” - free download

      Unusual version of card game “Oflameron”, in which cards are used for creating a playing field, on which blocks (markers) of players are moved. For playing, you should download images of cards, print the required number of cards and buy or make a usual small playing cube. Any number of players can participate in the game.

[ Download full ebook and images (703 Kbyte) ]

      A card game created according to the principle “print-n-play”. All materials (cards, game rules, description, small playing cube) are presented in an electronic form, they are to be printed and then you can start playing. It is convenient – you need not buy anything for starting this game. Any number of players may participate in the game. All is defined by the number of cards and the size of a playing field. A score is kept during the game. All materials are included in a ZIP archive. The archive contains files in the following formats: .doc and .cdr Doc – is opened by MS Word editor, cdr – by Corel Draw 11 program. Web site >>




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